Wealth Warrior 2.0

What should a free man do?

Posted by on Apr 19, 2011

King Leonidis swore an oath as king to uphold the customs of his people. He knows if he keeps his oath, it could

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enslave his people. His is a choice of what to honor:

Often we face such conflicts of honor in modern times. Perhaps we swore an oath to stay married “til death do us part,” or to serve our country in battle. But what happens when such oaths contradict with our evolved values?

In 1800s America, “A man”s word is his honor.” Come rain, shine or certain death, the only honorable path was to keep your word.

How much Honor you feel

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in your life depends in part on how you navigate such Honor Conflicts. This is not something a Wealth Warrior takes lightly, as his Honor is a primary value.

The challenge becomes even more twisted, when we are expected to implicitly uphold certain “codes of honor” as defined by our government, our culture, our family, our religion, our spouse, our company. Such Honor Conflicts are often hidden from

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our view, and they drain the honor and the power of the man, who does not see them clearly and make his choices regarding them consciously.

The Wealth Warrior does not allow others to define what Honor is to him. He defines it for himself.

So, what should a free man do?