Wealth Warrior 2.0

Michael Skye

Michael is the founder of the Wealth Warrior and VisionForce work. Read Michael Skye’s bio at his web site.

I was born wealthy.  But much of that wealth has been threatened and lost over the years, and is being threatened now.  Still I am wealthy.  Why?  Because I fought for it.  I stood for myself, my brothers, my family, my people.

  • CIVIL LIBERTIES – By the luck of being born an American citizen, I was gifted the value of civil liberties.  But those are being threatened now, more than ever before in America’s history.  I’ve fought for civil liberties for myself and my brothers.  I’ve lost a brother to cowboy cops fighting the “War On Drugs,” when they shot at him, a defenseless man, with 59 rounds, riddling his body with 14 bullet holes.  He was 24.  I lost another friend to the “War On Drugs” two years later; he took a cops life first.  I fight now by empowering men to stand up in the face of the system.  One example: supporting my brother, Warrior For Conscience, Thad Crouch.
  • ECONOMIC FREEDOM – When I was born into the “land of the free,” America, I was gifted relative economic freedom.  Mega-bank bailouts by the US government (the people) threaten the right to keep our money (which is the time and energy it took to earn it, which is a portion of our LIFE).  Ever-increasing regulations and taxes for entrepreneurs who risk everything to create wealth for society and provide jobs (those who don’t know entrepreneurship as a heroic undertaking in which your employees families well-being depends upon your success, may never understand regulations and taxes as a threat and violation).
  • CULTURAL FREEDOM – I was born into a country that at least on paper values diversity and cultural freedom.  However, I wouldn’t realize until I traveled the world what a joke the American belief is that we are “the freest country on earth.”  That is not true with civil liberties, economic conditions or culturally.  It was a fight to liberate myself from my American identity and cultural biases, but now having traveled and lived on six continents around the world for the last several years, I own the wealth of freedom from cultural bonds.  I relate to America to me now is an idea, which can be found anywhere, rather than something defined by national borders.
  • PERSONAL MISSION – Having I had mission bestowed upon me.