Wealth Warrior 2.0


Wealth Warrior is new concept, a protomythology, an emerging archetype and a life path for men.

The Concept:

Wealth, as we use it here, is an abundance of one’s authentic values.  Not the default values given by one’s culture.  Not the intellectual values one claims to uphold.   But the true values of one’s heart, mind and body.  Often a man will have to journey inward with courageous self-honesty and humble self-awareness to discover his authentic values.

Warrior, as we use it here, is one who stands for one’s values in the face of inner and outer conflict.  Not one who fights against, but one who stands for.  Not one who fights to take values from or dominate others.  But one who stands for creating and generating values for self and others.

The Protomythology:

All across the planet is rising a new breed of men, who are standing for, fighting for, reclaiming and recreating the sacred masculine values which are taken from, never given to or shamed in most men today.  Honor, Freedom, Elders, Tribe, Allies, Rites of Passage, Ancestors, Warrior Spirit, Sacred Connection to the Earth, … each in his own way according to his own vision.  These men stand uncompromisingly for themselves and their people in the face of all that comes their way.  They are renaissance men who’s skills, mastery and wisdom spans many disciplines.

Read Awakening the Wealth Warriors, an ebook written in 2002, which fed the protomythology.

The Emerging Archetype:

The Wealth Warrior is a man guided from within by a deep sense of Honor in his heart; a willingness to face anything and the courage to stand for his life; his values, his vision and his people; and an incredible strength and mastery from walking such a path for years.  His war is not with others or the world outside him.  He merely walks the Earth with the honor, the heightened awareness, the courage, the strength and the mastery of a Warrior.

He is not only a Warrior, he is a Free Man and a Creator.

The Life Path:

Wealth Warrior, the idea, the protomythology, the emerging archetype, points to a Way of living, a Way of walking this earth, a Way of Facing and Standing, a Way of Honor, a Way of Courage, Strength and Mastery.  And there’s an emerging body of work to support it, a developing martial art for facing the inner conflicts and interpersonal conflicts bound to encounter the man who dares to stand alone if need be to be a Warrior and Creator for his people, following his own inner guidance and laying a path for his sons, grandsons and future generations to walk with pride and honor.

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